miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

God is blessing me today

Hello. I wrote this text expecting that god can read me. God, i hope that you bless me today. I am studying, making an attempt to get a strong background in english. It is a bit hard for me reach that level.

I will use this blog to gather information about things that I have made. My goal is to reach people located anywhere around the world. I need people to talk and share knowledgement. Therefore, i need to learn a lot of english vocabulary until reach a level that allow me defeat the language barrier.

I have looked a lot of papers about computer vision and things like that, because i need to get a strong background in computer science. My goal with that is reach a enough skill to build some smart machine. I believe that United States have more advanced machines that we can not see in the news.

I know that Google crawls websites but it hides some places because they contain government secrets. I am using new words that I have learned from papers. Also, i am using words that my mind have. My mind is using words that are comming from song lyrics.

I wil to write a text about math. That can help to make grow my skills.

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016

Writing some interesting text

I am sitting in my favorite chair at my computer. I am waiting for dinner. I am basically doing nothing. I expect a good dream today. I have learned a lot. I am trying to develop a game in 3d.

I am using my pencil to draw an sketch about how the game will be. I am using the sharpener to sharpen the tip of pencil, because it was dull. I will to watch a video about derivatives and its applications. It is a very interesting video about how they are used in real life, something that can open your eyes to a new world. I need to use more english words until get a very skilled brain.

I can make mistakes, but they help to go further in the road. I have used my spare time in build connections with english-natives. I subscribed to facebook groups where i can get feedback. That is something that can be useful for me in this learning stage.

The music makes me silly. I need to stop  it. I need to replace it with something different. I must to start to listen music that helps to understand a bit more of english language. The main idea is to stop it.

viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

I am thinking a bit more

I am using new words that can help me. Even if I am sleeping and dreaming. Furthermore, i am getting a bit of sleep enough to make put in dream and learn more in a sleeping-way.

I am building my knowledgement using papers availables on the internet.My goal is to do research in some area.

My knowledgement is very skilled in language, specificly on the widespread language called "english". I have looked for people who i can talk but there's very few people around the internet who wants to talk with me. I need a live chat where i can put my comments.

I need to found something like IRC channels, thing that helps me to reach people. I need to found people out there that can teach me the language. A thing hard to find.

I need to use new verbs. I need to build text about x things.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

My next steps

I am learning a lot of math attempting to reach a high level of skills needed to build a game. I have found a Source code from Andres Jesse, a brazilian citzen. That source code has a little stuff used to detect collisions between objects in a 3d space.

Therefore, I will to put my skills in practice. Furthermore, i will need a bit of practice to reach the desired level of skill to build a great game.

Even if I have enough skills in basic programming, i will to start to use them in some real project.

Thanks god for read me.

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

My cutting edge project

Hello. Dear visitors, i am learning a lot of math, in order to get a well understanding about how the physical world works. These can help me to implement SLAM algorithm using RGB cameras with no depth measurement.

Furthermore, it can help me to create my Jesuchrist videogame, that can help me make lots of money.

My first goal is learn math to understand how the computer programs and robotics relies in some mathematical concepts like matrixes.

Therefore, I am doing my best effort in get a strong background in math to understand how SLAM works. Many people tells me that if I already knows math like trigonometry and more, i can start to build my game on irrlicht. I want to get my name heared around the world.

That is very challenging because it involves a lot of effort to create something that can be useful for people. I have switched to english because it can help me to strengthen my skills in programming. Everything is english. I want to visit some day a english-based country to learn how to build high technology. I want to bring this technology to my third world country.

I want to start to develop high technolgy who can help me to establish my company. I am guessing what path follow because i don't know what exact career can help me to achieve my goal.

No more for today. Thanks to read me, god.

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

I will switch language to english to get more visitors.

Hello people. I am dreaming with serious development for a while. I stay frozen in a same point in my life as a developer. I want to start to use my knowledgement building something that I can post in my blog.

I will use my blog as a place where I can show my most recent research in any field. I am performing research in SLAM algorithm, and game programming. I will keep myself in programming yet without switch to another fields like electronics because it is an easy way to learn things.

Please, let me know what you think about this place leaving your comment. Thanks for everything. I will switch the language of this blog to english in a way to get more visitors. I will not create two versions of it.

Therefore, keep yourself ready for the good news!! Bye.

jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

Metas para hacer en este mes y este año

Hola, escribo para dejar constancia de las metas que quiero hacer este mes, y en general este año. Quisiera crear el juego de Jesucristo, como si fuera de aventura. He estado intentado con Torque3d, pero no corre en XP, y mi papa no me va a dejar actualizar el XP a Win 7.

Lo unico que funciona para mi es Irrlicht. Sé que Irrlicht no es una opcion muy bien vista, pero lo intentaré. Lo unico bueno es que tengo a Dodgee Software, un australiano quien puede ayudarme en algunas cosas si tiene chance, aunque debo trabajar mas por mi cuenta para que el sepa que estoy haciendo lo mejor que puedo.

Esta vez intentare con Panda3d, otro motor pero basado en Python lenguaje de script muy popular. Solo Dios puede ayudarme. XD

Intentaré hacer algo para cumplir mi sueño de predicar la biblia de forma digital, y de manera amena y entretenida. Podría hacer dos versiones: Una de aventura, ambientada en el Israel antiguo, y otra moderna, ambientada en el apocalipsis y con los 144000 sellados, gente que me llama mucho la atencion.

Sin mas que decir,me despido de quien pueda leer esto.